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How to Detonate RC Bandito: An Immaculate Remote Control Car

Remote control cars are the true attraction of adventurous persons. You can see many forms in the market to decide on your bursting stunt journey. Race lovers like to add detonation cars to their lifestyle. It is how they explode and shoot the cars in the middle of their adventurous rides. These adventurous rides raise questions: how to detonate RC bandito? among beginners and persons who have forgotten some steps of the same. 

Let us take a detailed answer to the question below.

How to Detonate Rc Bandito: Detailed Analysis

How to Detonate RC Bandito?

Racing and stunts are no less than any dangerous expressions. Here you can see the deadly fear of life. One can easily manage the obstacles by using remote control features added to it. Apart from this, the player can jump the car and use it for racing to defeat the enemy. Methods are more than one number to run the RC bandito. 

How to Detonate Rc Bandito and Driving Method?

How to Detonate RC Bandito?

Earlier, we told you about the methods of driving a car. The free-mode is an option where you can press down the “R” button from the controller side and push “A” for the acceleration car. GTA Online gamers can choose this car to participate in the new and trendy races to win the prize money. The method is simple yet challenging for the users.  

How to Detonate RC Bandito?

The driving method depends on the driver of the car. In the same way, the detonation doesn’t hold a simple curriculum for every RC Car. The brand can only secure the method of explosion in the car. GTA online provides different forms like Xbox One, PS4, and PC to the users who hold Grand Theft Auto V. 


The detonation method is reliable on various models and vehicle brands. Here we will see the detonating ways for GTA PS4. Firstly, one can use a remote explosive from the buying store: Amma-nation. In the second theory, add a gas tank with an explosive device to make a car bomb and detonate the model of the vehicle. In the endmost technique, select an explosive charge to place it in the desired car or the car model. 

How to Detonate RC Bandito on PS4 with GTA 5 Sticky Bombs?

sticky bombs

When one is driving in GTA5 on PS4, you may counter several methods to explode sticky bombs in the car. In the first method, compress the directional pad on both sides, left and right. For making your Bomb activate, this method is crucial for the player. Now Switch on the triangle holds to explode the GTA5. On the other hand, the player can choose the way of L1 & R1 buttons to target the desired ammunition. In the final Stage, hold & compress the square button to blast the car. 

Remote Bomb for How to Detonate Rc Bandito

How to Detonate RC Bandito?

Many questions are in line about exploiting the C4 in the GTA5 PS4 using the phone. 

  • First, go to the store to buy the phone you want to connect with your C4.
  • In the next step, open the game theme and find C4 in it.
  • After that, pick C4 for the explosion.
  • In the last phase, Use the phone you bought from the store and choose the remote bomb option to detonate the car.

RC Bandito Explosion

In the GTA 5 PS4, you have seen many ways to blast the car. Here again, many different and similar methods will help to detonate the RC Bandito. 

  • One way is clear and straightforward: that tiny explosive placement in Bandito is enough to blast the car with the remote system. 
  • On the contrary, use the heavy blast method outside in an RC bandito with remote administration to detonate the vehicle. 
  •  These two methods are always functional to burn or finish your vehicle model in the game. 

Selling Practices for Tanks?

Invade & Persuade tanks are part of the detonation of the vehicle models. However, if you are willing to sell them for any reason, you can do so by following different practices. 

  • Plan to sell it on e-commerce websites or marketplaces. There are enough numbers for marketplaces to sell your product. Kindly choose any of them. 
  • If this is not working, lead yourself to unofficial buyers who may or may not be active on marketplaces.
  • Take a final step if both ways are not productive. Make a sale to the place of business or any dealer of the same products. 
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how to detonate RC Bandito gta v

Sticky Bombs for GTA V are in different terms. Some specific methods you can use to complete the task. The Bomb is a direct and uncomplicated method like others. Running over the car can be another one to enjoy the blast. Detonator is an effortless method here. 

RC Bandito Sell

how to detonate RC Bandito

Any player can sell their RC Bandito in the marketplace. That is not all. You can choose to sell any object when not in use. There is a process to execute the sale of your car. First, check your products/cars’ condition while it reveals the identity of any individual. Remove any sticker or sign showing the property in your name. If you don’t do that, you may count it unsaleable or unbuyable. Apart from that, Uncheck any modification made by a player while using the RC bandito. 

The look matters most for the selling of any new and old product. If there is dust and messiness, try to counter it with cleaning. It is how it will be ready to sell on the marketplace, to unofficial buyers, or even to the dealers. 

Refashioning of RC Bandito

modification of rc bandito

Refashioning is crucial whether you are doing it for your long-time use or taking this step for selling it in the market. Yes, of course, you can do it to enhance the performance of your game. Follow some easy steps to modify your RC Bandito.

  • Unscrew the body parts of RC. The technical setting is possible with the help of screwdrivers.
  • Now remove and join both wires connected with the motor system of your car.
  • Modification is complete when you have attached and fixed its last before modification condition. 
  • All in all, It is ready to use again or retail to the desired buyer.

How to Detonate Rc Bandito Xbox?

The question holds similar wordy answers because the explosion comes as an outcome of bombs and other small and large charge weapons. The platforms don’t entirely change the working and look of the ammunition. C4 explosion follows the same principle in any case whether you want to have the answer to the question: how to detonate RC bandito Xbox one or Xbox 360.



Let us describe the below themes for this platform.

  • One can open the Weapon wheel by holding and pressing the D-pad on the left. 
  • Numerous categorization navigation is effortless with the usage of the right stick. 
  • Throwing capacity explosives demands C4 navigation with the help of a D-pad in left and right moments. 
  • Now smoothly come out the wheel of the weapons.
  • Two modes are on the board for smooth navigation of C4.
  • If one has to target left C4, then channelize the left side.
  • For the plan of Right side C4, choose the right-hand side trigger to chase the target. 
  • In the end, if you have finished your navigation system, compress D-pad left button to detonate the Bomb or the RC bandito Xbox one. 

Like this theme, many others are present to detonate the model of the vehicle. Players can choose any principal to complete their tasks of blasting the car. 


We may say that you have the idea of sharing your winnings with friends with the help of this article. Everything about the detonation is present here. You can take a detailed visit of the content and choose your figure according to your model and platform. What you choose and do is the only task here because the way of the game and blast of the car is on a clear note here. Study steps thoroughly, and start enjoying your adventurous and war-footing life on the digital platform.

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