Does Bumble Display Non-functioning Accounts?

Bumble is a virtual dating platform. Here you can match your profile with a potential partner. The application helps the user in this entire task effectively. As per the user’s profile, the application suggests the matches on the screen. The choice “Swipe left” directs you to reject the suggestion, and “swipe right” helps decide your interest. Anyone can create an account on this platform. 

  1. No. The answer is true to our research that bumble doesn’t display ineffective profiles.
  2. It never deletes your account due to ineffectiveness.
  3. The 30 days is the minimum period to make your account inactive. 
  4. It will stop suggesting your profile with active users.
  5. If you want to avoid inactive accounts, make setting changes with “Only Me Mode.” 
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1 Till what time will you be able to see inactive accounts?

The process of showing inactive accounts goes up to one week. 

Between this duration, if you don’t find that account on your profile, it is evident that the account is inactive and the user is not using the app.

Q.2 How to identify the inactive account?

There is no cause to answer this question with fixed footprints. Some experiences like the user didn’t open the app for a long duration and no changes in the profile. Unseen messages and no response are the other points to recognize the inactiveness.

Q.3 What are the ways to recognize the active account?

One can visit the profile of the concerned user and see the last two or three days’ activity. The Second method is to check the conversation record of the endmost days. 

Q.4 Can You delete your account on bumble?

Yes. Users can delete their account from bumble if they don’t want to continue on it. Bumble will suggest your profile for some time if you are inactive. 

Q.5 Why is my account active even after deleting it?

It is because of your inattentive login on the platform via other social media sites or the bumble website itself. 

Q.6 When will my profile disappear from the app?

It will depend upon your inactiveness. A minimum of 30 days of inactiveness will swipe away your account from the application.

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