How to Delete Account League Of Legends
 | Simplest Guide on Web

How to Delete Account League Of Legends | Simplest Guide on Web

League of Legends is a popular online game that many people enjoy playing. If you no longer want to play the game, it can be difficult to delete your account.

How To Delete League of Legends Account

How to delete your account

If you want to delete your League of Legends account, there are a few different steps you need to take.

First, head over to the Account Management screen and click on the “delete account” button.

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to confirm your decision. Once you’ve confirmed your decision, your account will be deleted and you won’t be able to login again.

We hope this guide has helped you delete your League of Legends account!

Why you might want to delete your account

There are many reasons why someone might want to delete their League of Legends account. For example, they might no longer be interested in playing the game, they may have changed their mind about the game, or they may have lost interest in the game. Some people also delete their League of Legends account to make more space on their device for other games.

What will happen if you delete your account

If you delete your account, Riot will permanently delete all of your game data, including your champion, skins, and runes. You will also lose any rewards we’ve given you, including Platinum and Gold awards, IP rewards, and Glory.

How to backup your data before deleting your account

Deleting your account from League of Legends may seem like a simple enough task, but there are a few things you should do first to make sure your data is safe. First, make a backup of your account data. This can be done by copy/pasting your login information into a web browser and logging in to your account. Next, delete your account. League of Legends will prompt you for your login information, and you can then delete your account using that information. Finally, make sure to properly erase your account data from your computer.

Alternatives to deleting your account

There are a few alternatives to deleting your League of Legends account if you’re not happy with it. You could try quitting the game and re-subscribing; this might get you back into the game quicker and make it easier to find new teammates. You could also try finding a new game to play or creating a new account with a different name. If all else fails, you could contact Riot Games through their support website or customer service phone line to ask for help getting your account back or resolving any issues.


league of legends is a popular video game that many players enjoy. However, there are also players who choose to delete their account. deleting an account can be a way to punish someone, or it can be a way to forget about the game. Either way, it’s a decision that each player makes for themselves.

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