Delete Amazon Order History | Quick & Simple Method (All Updated Steps)

Delete Amazon Order History | Quick & Simple Method (All Updated Steps)

If you’ve ever wished you could just delete your Amazon order history from the website, now is your chance. Amazon has just made it possible to permanently delete your order history from their website.

This change was made in order to make the shopping experience more streamlined and efficient for customers. If you have any questions about this change, be sure to reach out to Amazon customer service.

How To Delete Amazon Order History 2021

Delete Amazon Order History

How to Delete Your Amazon Order History

There are a few ways to delete your Amazon order history:

1. Access your Amazon account settings on the Amazon website.

  1. Sign into your Amazon account using your Amazon credentials.
  2. From the “My Account” page, select “History of purchases.”
  3. Select the order(s) you want to delete and click “Delete.”
  4. If you have multiple Amazon accounts, you’ll need to delete the order history of each account before deleting the history of your Amazon account.

Why you Might Want to Delete Your Amazon Order History

If you have ever ordered something through Amazon, then you may have noticed that your order history is publicly available online. This means that anyone can see what items you have ordered, and when.

There are a few reasons why you might want to delete your Amazon order history. If you have ever been the victim of online harassment, for example, then deleting your order history may protect you from further embarrassment. Additionally, if you have ever ordered something that you later regretted, then you may want to delete your order history to avoid public embarrassment.

Ultimately, whatever the reason, deleting your Amazon order history is a personal decision that you should make in consultation with your friends, family, and trusted advisors.

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What Information is Stored in Your Amazon Order History

In addition to basic information such as the order number and shipping address, Amazon stores information about the items you’ve ordered, their prices, and the order status. This information can be accessed by signing in to your Amazon account and visiting the “History” page.

You can also use the “Order History” features of the Amazon website to view and manage your orders. This page includes a list of all the orders you’ve placed on Amazon, as well as information about each order, such as the order number, the seller, the order total, and the order date. You can also view a list of your recent orders by clicking the “History” link on the main Amazon website page.

How to Delete Specific Items from Your Amazon Order History

  1. Log into your Amazon account.
  2. Click on “Your Orders” in the top menu bar.
  3. Find the order you want to delete and click on the “Details” button next to it.
  4. On the “Your Orders” page, find the order you want to delete and click on the “Delete Selected” button.
  5. On the “Confirm Deletion” page, confirm that you want to delete this order and click on the “Delete” button.
  6. You will now be returned to the “Your Orders” page.
  7. Congratulations! You have just deleted this order from your Amazon account.

How to Prevent Amazon from Storing Your Order History, like many online retailers, keeps a history of your past online purchases. This history is automatically stored on Amazon’s servers and can be accessed by Amazon or by any third-party merchant that sells products on

There are a few ways to prevent Amazon from storing your past online purchases.

1. Use a credit card: This is the simplest and most convenient way to prevent Amazon from storing your past online purchases. When you make a purchase on, the credit card that you are using is automatically charged. This means that Amazon cannot store your past online purchases on its servers.

2. Use Amazon Payments: If you want to make a purchase on but you don’t want Amazon to store your past online purchases, you can use Amazon Payments. With Amazon Payments, you can make a purchase using your debit or credit card, and Amazon will not store your past online purchases on its servers.

3. Use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save: If you want to automatically receive a certain number of items each month from Amazon, you can sign up for Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. With Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, you will be required to enter your credit card information each time you want to subscribe to a shipment of items. This means that Amazon will store your past online purchases each time you subscribe, but you will not be charged until you actually receive the items.


After deleting your Amazon order history, you may be wondering if it is really necessary to do so. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of deleting your Amazon order history.

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