Didhemake The Put | Answer for Did the Ball Go In | Quick Details |

Didhemake The Put | Answer for Did the Ball Go In | Quick Details |

Did Hemingway Make the Put?

The put is a hole in one that was made famous by the author, Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway is often credited with inventing the put, and many golfers believe that he was the first golfer to make a putt from more than 20 yards away.

Did He Make The Putt?

Did He Make the Put?

I could not help but notice the put you made in your blog post. It is very well thought out and executed. Bravo!

His Putt Was So Close!

He made the putt so close that you could almost touch it. It was a beautiful shot, and it showed off his great golfing skills.

Did the Ball Go In?

Did the ball go in? That’s a pretty hard question to answer. In order to determine if the ball went in, we would need to know the position of the ball at the time it was hit and the position of the player at the time the ball was hit.
Assuming both of those positions are known, we can use basic geometry to calculate the ball’s trajectory.

His putt was so close!
The ball would have been hit in the air above the player’s head and would have travelled downwards and to the right, towards the right-field corner of the playing field.
Assuming the ball stayed in the air long enough (about 0.3 seconds), it would have eventually contacted the ground and would have travelled towards the right-field corner.
Assuming all of the relevant conditions were met, the ball would have gone in the right-field corner.

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So Close!

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There’s no question that Hemingway made a significant contribution to American literature, but did he make the put?

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