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Arnis is a martial art that uses a variety of equipment, including swords, shields, and spears. This article will discuss some of the equipment used in arnis, including the swords and shields.

different types of equipment

An arnis blog section would be incomplete without mentioning some of the different types of equipment that are used in the sport. There are three main types of equipment used in arnis: the blade, the hand, and the foot.

The blade is the most important part of the arnis set. It is the instrument that is used to hit the ball and score points. The blade is typically made of steel, but can also be made of other materials such as carbon or bamboo. It is typically around 18 to 24 inches long, and is shaped like a V or U.

The hand is the part of the body that is used to hit the ball. It is made up of five fingers and two palms. The hand is positioned above the blade, and is used to strike the ball with a quick, fluid motion.

The foot is the part of the body that is used to move the ball. It is made up of four toes, and is positioned below the hand. The foot is used to push the ball forward, and to keep it in the court.

how to use equipment

Arnis equipment can be broken down into two main categories, striking and trapping.

Striking equipment includes the arnis stick itself, a target, and a glove. The arnis stick is the main weapon of the arnis player. It is a long, thin stick made of wood, bamboo, or metal that is about one and a half feet long. The target is a large, flat object that the arnis player uses to hit the opponent’s stick. The glove is a piece of cloth or leather that is worn by the arnis player to protect his hand from the stick.

Trapping equipment includes the net, the bow, and the arrows. The net is a large, flat object that the arnis player uses to trap the opponent’s stick. The bow is a long, thin piece of wood that the arnis player uses to shoot arrows at the opponent’s stick. The arrows are long, thin pieces of wood that the arnis player uses to hit the opponent’s stick.

safety gear

There are a few pieces of equipment that are essential for practicing safe arnis. First, a proper fencing outfit is needed. This should include a fencing mask, protective clothing, and fencing gloves.

A second essential piece of equipment is a fencing arming sword. This is a weapon that is used to hit your opponent with a sharp blade. It is important to choose a sword that is properly weighted and balanced, in order to ensure that you are able to hit your opponent with accuracy.

Finally, you will need a practice dummy. This is a piece of equipment that is used to practice your arnis skills. It can be made out of any material, and can be either weighted or unweighted.

training gear

As an arnis player, you need to have sturdy equipment to keep you safe while you practice your skills. Here are the types of equipment you’ll need:

1. A sword.

  1. A training dummy.
  2. A shield.
  3. A wooden practice sword.
  4. A practice kali.
  5. A practice sai.
  6. A practice dao.
  7. A practice staff.
  8. A practice helmet.
    10. A practice cloak.
    11. A practice gauntlet.
    12. A practice greaves.
    13. A practice shoes.
    14. A practice quiver.
    15. A practice buckler.
    16. A practice axe.
    17. A practice mace.
    18. A practice spear.
    19. A practice crossbow.
    20. A practice bow.The type of sword you use will depend on your skill level. For beginner players, a training sword made out of wood is the best option. As you become more skilled, you’ll need a practice sword made of metal or another sturdy material.A training dummy is useful for practicing your footwork and sword techniques. You can either purchase a dummy or make your own using foam or plastic.

    A shield is essential for protecting yourself from enemy attacks. You can buy a shield or make your own using wood, metal, or plastic.

    A wooden practice sword


There are many different weapons used in the art of arnis. Below is a list of some of the most common ones.

Pasa daga – A short, heavy sword with a straight, double-edged blade.

Katar – A short sword with a curved blade.

Djembe – A two-headed drum played with sticks.

Tambourine – A cylindrical drum played with a stick.

Bolas – Objects such as logs, ropes, or metal disks thrown at someone to injure them.


The equipment used in arnis is varied and includes a number of different pieces of equipment. The most common pieces of equipment are the eskrima stick and the kris. Eskrima sticks can be made from a number of different materials, such as wood, bamboo, or metal, while kris can be made from a number of different materials, including wood, metal, or bone.

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