How to Facebook Deleted Posts
 | Simplest Guide on Web

How to Facebook Deleted Posts | Simplest Guide on Web

Facebook deleted some of my posts, why?

How To Find Facebook Deleted Post

Why did Facebook delete my post?

There could be a few reasons why Facebook would delete a post from a user’s account. Maybe the post was reported as offensive or inappropriate, or it didn’t meet the company’s community standards. In some cases, posts may be deleted for technical reasons, such as being past their expiration date.

How can I recover a deleted Facebook post?

If you delete a Facebook post, it’s gone forever. However, you can still view and share it with friends if it’s still public.

What happens to my deleted Facebook posts?

Deleted Facebook posts are permanently deleted from Facebook. Facebook does not keep a copy of deleted posts.

How do I prevent Facebook from deleting my posts?

If you’re concerned about your posts being deleted by Facebook, there are a few things you can do. First, you can verify your account by logging in and clicking on the “Account” tab at the top of the page. Next, make sure that your posts are posted correctly. If you’re using Facebook as a way to share information with your friends, make sure that your posts are accurate and easy to read. Finally, make sure that your posts are relevant to your Facebook page and to the topic of your website. If you follow these tips, you should be able to keep your posts from being deleted by Facebook.

What are the consequences of deleting a Facebook post?

There can be a number of consequences to deleting a Facebook post, depending on the circumstances. Generally speaking, if you delete a post for any reason, it’s likely that your friends and followers will not be able to see it. If you’re deleting a post to protect the privacy of someone who is mentioned in it, you might also want to consider not including their full name in the deletion. Finally, if you delete a post for any other reason – for example, because you made a typo – your friends might be able to see it if they were able to view your public profile at the time the post was deleted.


Facebook deleted posts that criticized the company. The deletion of posts was the result of a new policy that prohibits criticism of Facebook. The policy was announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday.

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