Instagram Birthday Story Ideas | Show Creativity | Best Strong Statements

Instagram Birthday Story Ideas | Show Creativity | Best Strong Statements

If you’re looking for a creative way to celebrate your birthday this year, consider using Instagram as your platform! Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Start by taking a snapshot of your current birthday cake and post it on your Instagram account with the hashtag #birthdaycake.
-Create a collage of your favorite memories from your birthday celebrations, including photos and videos you’ve shared on social media, and post it on your Instagram account with the hashtag #birthdaymemories.
-Create a themed Instagram account for your birthday, such as @birthdaykids or @birthdayfood. Post photos and videos of you and your friends having a great time celebrating your special day!

5 Creative Birthday Stories For Instagram | using the IG app ONLY | pt.2

How to make a birthday story on Instagram

  1. Beginning with a strong personal statement”My birthday is a reminder that nothing is impossible. Birthdays remind us that our dreams and goals are never too big or too small. On my birthday, I reaffirm my commitment to myself and to the people around me. I am grateful for all the love and support that I have received throughout my life and I promise to continue to work hard so that I can give back to the people who have given so much to me.”

    2. Showing off your personality

    “My birthday is a day to celebrate my unique personality and all the amazing things that make me unique. I hope that my followers can enjoy getting to know me a little better on this special day.”Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

    3. Sharing pictures of your favorite birthday moments

    “My favorite birthday moments usually involve spending time with my family and friends, enjoying a delicious meal, or just relaxing and enjoying the company of those who matter most to me. I hope that my followers can enjoy some of my favorite memories on my birthday, just as I have enjoyed sharing them with them throughout the year.”

    4. Wish listing your dream birthday party and inviting your followers to join.

    “My dream birthday party would be a fun, festive affair with lots of laughs and great company. I hope that my followers will join me in wishing me a wonderful birthday and inviting them to join us in celebrating together!”

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Best practices for creating an Instagram birthday story

To create a successful Instagram birthday story, it is important to consider a few key best practices.

First and foremost, it is crucial to create a unique and memorable experience for your followers. This means thinking of ways to surprise and delight them, whether that’s through creative content, special offers, or simply by being attentive and responsive.

Secondly, it is important to showcase your best features and personality on Instagram. This way, followers can get to know you better and can enjoy your posts more. By sharing your take on life, interests, and thoughts, you can create a connection with your followers that will keep them coming back for more.

Finally, it is important to be consistent with your content and posting schedule. This way, followers will know what to expect from you on Instagram and will be more likely to follow you. By keeping your profile updated and consistent, you will provide followers with the best possible experience.

Ideas for making an Instagram birthday story more creative

  1. Celebrate your special day with themed photos, like a silly photo collage of you and your friends dressed up as characters from your favorite movies or TV shows.2. Invite your friends and family to share themed photos with you, like selfies with props that represent your favorite foods or drinks, or pictures of you and your pet together.

    3. Create a photo album of your day full of fun photos and memories, like a personal scrapbook of your best photos from your birthday party!

    4. Write a personal essay about your day and why it was so special to you, and share it along with your photos.

    5. Create a themed video diary of your day, from the preparations you made to the big celebration itself.Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

    6. Shoot some amazing shots of you and your friends surrounded by all the special moments of your day, like happy birthday cake slices or presents!

    7. Capture your birthday party in all its glory, from the delicious food and drink to the fun and excitement of the celebrations.

    8. Share pics and videos from your day with your favorite hashtags, like #birthdaygirl #happybirthday #lovemybirthday #birthdayparty #birthdayfun

How to get more views on your Instagram birthday story

In order to get more views on your Instagram birthday story, you should consider a few key things. First, make sure that you have a catchy and interesting caption for your photo. Next, make sure that your photo is well-lit and high-resolution. Finally, make sure that your photo is posted on a day that is relevant to your age and interests. By following these tips, you will be sure to get more attention and views on your Instagram birthday story.

How to make your Instagram birthday story stand out

Your instagram birthday story is the first impression your followers will have of you, so make it count!

1. Pick a interesting and unique location for your instagram birthday photo shoot. Whether it’s an abandoned building, a scenic overlook or your favourite cafe, finding a unique location will make your photo stand out.

2. Plan your outfit carefully. Make sure your outfit is stylish and fits your personality, and make sure the colours coordinate well with your location.

3. Include a fun quote or saying in your instagram birthday caption. This will give your photo an extra bit of personality and will make it more memorable.

4. Make sure your instagram birthday photo is well-lit and has good composition. A well-done instagram birthday photo will make your followers feel like they’re right there with you!

5. Add a little humour and personality to your Instagram birthday photo. This will add a layer of fun and personality that your followers will love.

6. Share your instagram birthday photo on social media as soon as possible. This will give your followers a chance to share and comment on your photo, making it even more memorable.

7. Use instagram birthday hashtags to help promote your photo. This will give your followers a chance to find and follow your story and see all of the amazing photos you’ve shared.

8. Use instagram birthday hashtags in your captions to help promote.


If you’re having a birthday party and want to make it special, consider having an Instagram birthday story contest. This will give your guests the opportunity to share their best Instagram Stories from your birthday party with the hashtag #instabirthday. Not only will this be a fun party activity, but it will also give you a great way to remember all the fun and laughter that went on during your birthday bash.

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