Check out the Non-Examples of Globalization

Check out the Non-Examples of Globalization

Non-examples of globalization are the opposite of the examples. This term is common nowadays because it has changed the livelihood of the people of different parts of the world.

  1. The concept of globalization is a gift and a penalty for the world. Some examples and non-examples can identify this philosophy.
  2. Opposite to Neoliberal ideas, all the social movements are the non-examples of globalization. 
  3. Environmental Initiatives.
  4. Indigenous Initiatives.
  5. Unionists and anarchists.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the examples of globalization?

Examples of globalization include trade(import and export of goods & services), traveling (most crucial term), communication among the world communities, portability, Education system, electronic media, cultural exchanges, and immigration trends. 

Q.2 What is the meaning of the term globalization?

This term represents the inter-dependability of one nation to other cross-border nations. Here, goods & services (trade) are the prime cause for the connectivity of one nation to another. 

Q.3 Can any country survive without being part of globalization?

No, there are fewer chances for survival without coordinating with other countries. Yet, the inter-dependability can be concise. 

Q.4 Do low-wage workers bear humiliation in globalization?

Yes, this concept has paved the way for global working conditions, but it has also increased the number of exploited workers who work at any cost prescribed by international corporations. 

Q.5 Names of the steps challenging globalism?

Limit the traveling, education system, trade, communication, cultural activities, and monetary transactions in the context of people and administration of other countries.

Q.6 Does the free trade agreement help rising globalization?

Yes, it increases the chances of globalization and opens the door to many other possibilities similar between the two countries. 

Q.7 What are the penalties for transnational?

  • We can witness similar cultural living behind the traditional culture of a particular country. 
  • People are copying each other without knowing the true sense of things.
  • Environmental pollution is the heavy penalty caused by modernity.

Q.8 Advantages of globalism?

  • It creates jobs for the world community.
  • The merger of the world economy.
  • People community with each other without any border issues.
  • Solution of the problems with world-level coordination.

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