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Best Tricks to Check the Private Whatsapp Status of Any person

Everybody knows how to check the WhatsApp status of the user known to you by saving numbers from both sides. However, you can sense the best tricks to investigate the private WhatsApp status of any person who blocked you or has not reserved your number on their Phone. 

  1. You must have the number of the person for whom you are concerned about the status. 
  2. Visit the whats app and open the chat box concerning the number or person.
  3. Now see the three dots available on the top right side of the chat box.
  4. Click on it to open the “View Profile” option. Here you can witness the personal details along with privacy sets.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can I see the private status of an unknown person?

Yes, it is possible after following some specific guidelines about the same. 

Q.2 Do I need the phone number to see the status of WhatsApp?

Phone number is the only option to check the status of any person available on the whats app.

Q.3 Can someone watch my WhatsApp status?

Someone who is known or unknown to you can see the status uploaded by you after having your number on his Phone. 

Q.4 Ways to know the visits on my status?

There is no rule to check out who visited the status, but you can figure out who has seen your WhatsApp scenes with the name saved in your contact. 

Q.5 What are the reasons for unapparent status?

  • Changes in the settings for a particular person or number.
  • The last seen option is off.
  • An unknown person cannot recognize the status if you have put it for saved contacts only. 
  • A person has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Q.6 How can I chat pretending offline?

  • Open the application (Whatsapp)
  • Click on the Setting option.
  • Choose the Chat setting/Privacy.
  • Press the Advance Button.
  • Turn off the Last Seen choice.
  • Incapacitate the timestamp by the selection of “Nobody.”
  • Now, you are open to disconnected mode appearance on the app.

Q.7 How to know someone has blocked you on the whats app application?

A single Checkmark will always appear on the message even after a long duration passes the sent message. Furthermore, you are not able to make a call to the person. 

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